Sunday, June 22, 2008

A discussion on the phrase: "Oops"

Oops. A word used innumerable times a day, for various personal blunders. It could be an apology for bumping into someone, or a sarcastic explanation after you intentionally bump into someone.

But let's talk about the use of this particular word while working in the garden. Let us delve into the implications of the use of such an innocent word when you are surrounded by plants. Usually, when you hear the word 'Oops' lightheartedly muttered in a garden, you can bet that it means something terrible has happened!

Unintentionally, of course. After all, that is what is at the heart of 'Oops'--not as heavy as 'Damn' and not as excessive as 'F***'. The word of which we speak might be the downplay of an unfortunate, and non retractable event. Or, after a little research into acronyms, 'Oops' could mean: outrageously, offensively, and profoundly stupid. And this is just exactly how I felt today for a brief moment.

Today I went to Claire's Garden Center in Patterson, NY. Great little place: terrific people, family-owned and operated, and stocks the BEST and most funky annuals for miles around. I purchased a load of lilies today. Glen, owner and grower, grew gorgeous varieties this year. I picked up Lilium 'Scheherazade, L. 'Black Beauty', and L. tenuifolium. I tenderly finagled the tallest lilies in, bending their necks just enough to rest comfortably, and then gingerly maneuvered them out of the car once I reached my destination.

Well, the hardest part was over, or so I thought. The lilies had survived the car, but once I attempted to separate their tangled necks, POP! Off came two BIG FAT flower buds. What a horribly outrageous, offensive, and profoundly stupid situation.

EVERYONE has had "Oops" moments like these. Is this you? Felco's in hand, properly deadheading, and SNIP, off comes the burgeoning blossoms you are hoping to promote. 'Oops'; the only appropriate thing that can be said. The ultimate c'est la vie verbal shrug of the shoulder.

So, let us make our mistakes in silence. Because once someone hears the word "Oops" in the garden, its synonymous with something that cannot be glued back on.

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