Friday, December 12, 2008

Farewell Martha . . .

So much to say . . . aaah, so much I am not legally permitted to say.

But this must be said:  it's over.  

Working for Martha Stewart over the past 3 years has been the most serendipitous trajectory of my young career. I remember the many hours spent in the student room of the School of Professional Horticulture searching, searching for 6-month internships. I had one set up with the Royal Botanic Garden in Scotland, but then my School's Director slipped me a piece of paper. Martha's head gardener was looking for an intern, and I had been recommended. 

So began my time at Martha Stewart's garden-estate in Bedford,  NY. Ambitious, energetic, conscientious, and willing to raise my standards beyond her bar, I spent April through September absorbing it all. Greenhouse plant collections, organic vegetable growing, propagation, woody plant collections; it was a veritable botanic garden in the making, and the perfect setting for me to stretch my skills after being cooped up in school. 

Eventually I was asked by MS herself to continue working for her beyond the timeframe of my internship.  Dry humor intact, I told her I would consider it.  Who would have suggested that in the next 3 years I would be featured on 8 television gardening segments, many Sirius 112 radio interviews, the Martha blog, and styling props and floral arrangements for MSL photos shoots?  
The experiences and lessons learned have been invaluable, and memorable.  Best of all are the relationships I have founded on boundless laughter, endless humor, and tireless hard work. My love and thanks to Andrew, John, Jodi, Kim, and George.  And Laura, for her cappuccino's.

And what now? I am blessed to have lots of support, blazing ambition, buoyant energy, and white-hot optimism. Kinda like having rocket fuel coursing your veins. My company, Living Colors Landscape and Gardens,  has officially launched and is orbiting an atmosphere near you. All I can do is honor my roots, my education, and my experiences and pass that on to the public with services that are horticulturally correct, that support organics and biology, and are über creative.

Carpe diem!


  1. Good for you! Dig in, work "smart" and don't give up on the dream!

  2. Thanks so much for the encouragement!!

  3. horticulturally correct horticulture?! most favorite kind. You are meant to soar so much higher, this branch, if you will, was just a post to rest your newly unfurled wings.

  4. Brava coz!!! Kick ass and take names.

  5. hahahahahahahah! you rock betch!!!!!!!!! you are going where no other has gone before.
    did i read the words horticulturally correct, hahahaha. take it to all levels and smile along the way and be kind to yourself and others as you always are.
    love you babe!

  6. Congrats on the career move, Erika! Sounds like exciting days ahead. We have to catch up soon! - Sarah

  7. As always, I am very proud of you, for what you have done, for your drive, and yes, the places you will go. I haven't forgotten about you. We have many schemes to discuss, many! Merry Christmas love. See you soon. xo